Exhibitions for Expotitions (February/March 2015)

I have a Google spreadsheet on which I keep a list of exhibitions that I am thinking of going to. It isn’t complete, it’s south-east centric and check before you travel if it’s on or open. (Plus if I’m not going to be interested in a thousand years, I don’t list it).

I’ve trued to be clever and list here the show opening or closing between now and 31 March 31, by ordered of urgency (THEY’RE CLOSING). Unfortunately, in switching between programs my highly logical European date format (day/month/year) have converted to the odd US ones (month/day/year) and I’ve no inclination to correct them this time.

Exhibitions for Expotitions

I used to maintain a listing of exhibitions that might interest me – so I didn’t keep missing stuff. It was never completist, and had a south east/Midlands/Newcastle/Edinburgh bias because I tend to go there, but I figured it might be of use to people. I fell off this due to life and am slowly reconstructing from scratch. Check venues before travel – many galleries close Mondays. It’s messier than I’d prefer, because I want to post it.

Closes October 2014

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