Back to the Drawing Board

I’m just reading a puff piece from Sight and Sound, getting excited about the use of computer animation in a forthcoming movie.

“One could only imagine the uses to which visionaries like Lucas could put computer imaging”, they gush.

A few years later, of course, he would start buggering about with the Holy Trilogy and gift us Jar Jar Binks.

Meanwhile, we’re teased with possibilities:

“With the ability to create and revise the whole thing almost by himself, a director could continue changing characters, backgrounds, props, colours and lighting effects until the time of a movie’s showing. Michael Cimino, whose $35 million epic Heaven’s Gate barely breathed at the box office, might have wished to be able to go back to an electronic drawing board.”

The movie in question had a budget of $17 million and box office $33 million. Not exactly a runaway hit.