Exhibitions for Expotitions — October Editions

I used as various times to maintain a Googlesheet of exhibitions I might possibly interested in going to — then life intervened repeatedly, and it got out of date. Over the past few months I’ve been updating it and there are still a few venues missing, but it’s a l-o-n-g list and I need to work out a decent format still. I have a list sorted by closing date and by venue, and below is opening soon.

Information presented in good faith — a lot of mistakes came to light in this update — and check website before travelling. There’s a south eastern bias, plus major cities in Wales, Scotland and Ireland (I still haven’t been to Northern Ireland). Additions welcome.







  1. I will try to pick up my list in the next week or two. Caroline M pointed out that a lot of the exhibitions are on the ArtFund website, but I still didn’t like it as much as my own list. But it does take a lot of time to look after.

    Still aiming to get to at least one and ideally two or three major exhibitions a month, with a couple of little ones tucked in around the edges.



    1. And a useful wish list. But the AF app only lists current stuff. And doesn’t always link up stuff.

      I don’t think it lists Whitworth or De La Warr.



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