Has a Screw Lose

Unhinged (Derrick Borte, 2020)
Apparently, this was the first new film released since cinemas reopened — have we not suffered enough? Are we willing to accept any old guff or Christopher Nolan?

This is curiously twenty-five years too late road rage movie, with a chunky Russell Crowe in the Michael Douglas role — although at least Falling Down had some ambivalence. Divorcing Rachel (Caren Pistorius) honks her horn at psychopath-possibly-called-Tom, who decides to seek revenge by killing everyone she knows, having just murdered his ex and presumably his ex’s new partner. Rachel’s failure to let the police sort it out is tempered the fact that he has stolen her smartphone and can use the track function on her tablet to track her down.

The phone only really gets interesting when she realises she can turn it on him and fights back, although one of these days there’s going to be an arrest of civilians for murdering psychos. Meanwhile, woman in peril, yada yada, a reluctance to kill anyone who really matters to her, car crashes and Mr No Name’s seemingly indestructible vehicle.

It is a miracle he didn’t have a heart attack before she can kill him.
Count how many chefs, sous chefs and caterers are credited. Twice.

Avoid like the … hmm.

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