Skool’s Back

I have two sets of keys — one with front and back door, one with front and back door (twice), shed, bicycle lock, a broken display case key and what I hope is my office key. Outside of term time, I try to carry the smaller set.

And I’m going to be going back to my office, six months and a bit after seeing it last.

I hope it is my office key.

We’re going to be teaching face-to-face, or at least facemask-to-visor — and if one person tells me visors aren’t effective…

We’ll see how long face-to-face teaching lasts and let’s hope there’s no nonsense of simultaneous live and virtual.

Last week was Freshers’ Week and the odd experience of not being in the room to meet the new people. Some of us video called in, leaving me with the feeling I’ve missed something I should have been doing.

And we are on 0.4 contracts, for reasons, with Monday the day I’ve designated as non-work, but there was work with induction, so I postponed to Friday. But a student has a deadline on Wednesday or Thursday, so I really ought to look at their stuff and … argh.

No wonder the weekend has been spent under the duvet.

(I should write something about the second half of lockdown — as you will see, there has been some escaping, to cinema and theatre.)

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