The Art of the State: 2020 Exhibitions Part Two

I got my money’s worth out of my Art Fund card, just about, and Tate membership and the RAA card make life a little easier, but you need to be fast to catch the members’ previews. I have a suspicion that my listing below is a little inaccurate for February — for example, and I think a saw a couple more things in St James/Mayfair.

We have a little under ten days until 2021, but I can’t leave my postcode. So, here is the definitive non-definitive listing.

TL/DR: I have a top ten / 2020 theatre here

1/1/20William Blake: The ArtistTate Britain
1/1/20Mark Leckey: O’ Magic Power of BleaknessTate Britain
4/1/20MoochingTate Britain
4/1/20MoochingTate Modern
6/1/20Turner PrizeTurner Contemporary
12/1/20Derek Jarman: Protest!IMMA
13/1/20Moment in TimeNational Gallery of Ireland
13/1/20Turner: The VisionaryNational Gallery of Ireland
13/1/20MoochingNational Gallery of Ireland
14/1/20MoochingHugh Lane Gallery
14/1/20Life above Everything: Lucian Freud and Jack B. YeatsIMMA
14/1/20Desire: A Revision from the 20th century to the Digital AgeIMMA
14/1/20Derek Jarman: Protest!IMMA
23/1/20Rembrandt’s LightDulwich Picture Gallery
23/1/20Picasso and PaperRoyal Academy of Arts
23/1/20Lucian Freud: The Self-portraitsRoyal Academy of Arts
23/1/20Bridget RileyHayward Gallery
24/1/20Picasso and PaperRoyal Academy of Arts
24/1/20Lucian Freud: The Self-portraitsRoyal Academy of Arts
24/1/20Inspired by the east: how the Islamic world influenced western artBritish Museum
25/1/20Radical Women: Jessica Dismorr and her ContemporariesPallant House Gallery
25/1/20Jann Haworth: Close UpPallant House Gallery
25/1/20Prunella Clough: A CentenaryPallant House Gallery
25/1/20Galerie Simpson: Selection BoxPallant House Gallery
25/1/20Henry Moore: The Artist and his PatronPallant House Gallery
1/2/20Nam June PaikTate Modern
1/2/20Dora MaarTate Modern
1/2/20Tullio Crali: A Futurist LifeEstorick Collection
8/2/20Cézanne at the WhitworthWhitworth Art Gallery
8/2/20UtopiasWhitworth Art Gallery
15/2/20Tangerine Dream: ZeitrafferBarbican Music Library
15/2/20Trevor Paglen: From ‘Apple’ to ‘Anomaly’The Curve, Barbican
20/2/20Baroque in BritainTate Britain
20/2/20Young Bomberg and the Old MastersNational Gallery
20/2/20Nicolaes Maes: Dutch Master of the Golden AgeNational Gallery
29/2/20British SurrealismDulwich Picture Gallery
29/2/20Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting TextilesTwo Temple Place
2/3/20David HockneyNational Portrait Gallery
8/3/20Young RembrandtAshmoleon
8/3/20Philip GustonAshmoleon
10/3/20David HockneyLightbox
10/3/20David HockneyOsbert Samuelson?
14/3/20Andy WarholTate Modern
14/3/20Dora MaarTate Modern
14/3/20Paul KleeA small gallery in London
14/3/20Bridget RileyA small gallery in London
14/3/20Leon SpilliaertRoyal Academy of Arts
30/7/20Aubrey BeardsleyTate Britain
27/8/20Among the TreesHayward Gallery
30/8/20We Will Walk in the American SouthTurner Contemporary
30/8/20People Dem CollectiveTurner Contemporary
30/8/20Barbara Walker: Place, Space and WhoTurner Contemporary
5/9/20Barnett Freedman: Designs for Modern BritainPallant House Gallery
5/9/20An Outbreak of Talent: Bawden, Marx, Ravilious and Their ContemporariesPallant House Gallery
5/9/20A Life in Art: The Muriel Wilson BequestPallant House Gallery
5/9/20Drawn to Nature: Gilbert White and the ArtistsPallant House Gallery
6/9/20Canterbury PrideBeaney
9/9/20Derek Jarman: My Garden’s Boundaries are the HorizonGarden Museum
9/9/20Nicolaes Maes: Dutch Master of the Golden AgeNational Gallery
17/9/20Turner and RothkoTate Britain
17/9/20Audrey BeardsleyTate Britain
25/9/20MoochingWallace Collection
25/9/20Gauguin and the ImpressionistsRoyal Academy of Arts
5/10/20George IVQueen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
5/10/20Andy WarholTate Modern
9/10/20Leon SpilliaertRoyal Academy of Arts
9/10/20Gaughan and the ImpressionistsRoyal Academy of Arts
10/10/20Titian: Love Desire DeathNational Gallery
10/10/20Nicolaes Maes: Dutch Master of the Golden AgeNational Gallery
10/10/20Quentin Blake: We Live in Worrying TimesHastings Contemporary
10/10/20Victor Pasmore: Line & SpaceHastings Contemporary
12/10/20Davie and Hockney: Early WorksTowner Gallery
12/10/20BRINKTowner Gallery
15/10/20Georg Baselitz: Darkness GoldnessWhite Cube Mason’s Yard
15/10/20Atelier PicassoBastian
15/10/20Georg Baselitz: I Was Born into a Destroyed OrderMichael Werner Gallery
19/10/20ArtemisiaNational Gallery
19/10/20SinNational Gallery
26/10/20Summer ExhibitionRoyal Academy of Arts
26/10/20Mayfair Sculpture TrailMayfair
31/10/20Young RembrandtAshmoleon
31/10/20Helen Muspratt PhotographerBodleian Library
31/10/20The Art of AdvertisingBodleian Library
2/11/20British Art 1540 to 1930Tate Britain
2/11/20Turner’s Modern WorldTate Britain
7/12/20Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch: The Loneliness of the SoulRoyal Academy of Arts
7/12/20MoochingNational Gallery
12/12/20Masterpieces from Buckingham PalaceThe Queen’s Gallery, London
12/12/20MoochingTate Modern

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